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Software Engineer at HSBC | Distributed Systems & Machine Learning |

A comprehensive tutorial on using a Variational Autoencoder to generate new faces.

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Deep generative models are gaining tremendous popularity, both in the industry as well as academic research. The idea of a computer program generating new human faces or new animals can be quite exciting. Deep generative models take a slightly different approach compared to supervised learning which we shall discuss very soon.

This tutorial covers the basics of Generative Deep Learning with Variational Autoencoders. I am assuming that you are fairly familiar with the concepts of Convolutional Neural Networks and representation learning. If not, I would recommend watching Andrej Karpathy’s CS231n lecture videos as they are, in my honest opinion, the…

Build a distributed food delivery application with Node.js and RabbitMQ. Learn how message-based asynchronous communication works in a distributed system.

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Most modern applications follow one of two thriving architectures — Monolithic or Microservices. In a Monolithic architecture, the application is structured as a single entity making it quite easy to develop, test and deploy. This is a good choice for small applications that do not anticipate a lot of changes. However, for large applications, a Monolithic architecture has proven to be difficult to maintain. The components that constitute a Monolithic architecture are tightly coupled. A small change introduced in one can severely affect the application, if not appropriately implemented. Microservices, on the contrary, segregate the various functionalities of an application…

Containerize a RESTful Node.js application to seamlessly run, ship and deploy it anywhere.

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Docker is a platform that allows you to build, ship and run your application on any computer that also has Docker installed. If you’ve collaborated on a software development project, either at your workplace or for a hackathon, you would be aware that getting your application running on another plaform may not be so straightforward. As a developer, once you’ve managed to get your application running on your computer with Docker, it is guaranteed to run on other platforms — from laptops to virtual machines in the cloud! In essence, Docker helps solve the old “But it works on my…

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